Making title-only blog post

TYPEPAD -- We have developed a way to send email containing a title only from a handheld device to a weblog. We've modified the MT template, starting first with the code that generates the list of post:

<$MTWeblogIncludeModule module="entry-list"$>

We replaced this code with something like:

<p><a href="<$MTEntryPermalink$>"><$MTEntryTitle$></a></p>

This will create a listing of the titles of your posts and each is linked to the individual archive page for that post.

Tip from Typepad's help staff.

Keith Alexander RIP

Full-back Koi TattBlogger and Twisted Sister friend Keith Alexander died yesterday in New York after a bike accident. I knew him by the ink on his back. His Koi Tatt looked a lot better than Koi tasted when I had it for Sunday brunch years ago. Boing Boing readers might remember the interesting things he suggested through the years. Xeni Jardin remembers him fondly. From Xeni:

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Seeing hidden feeds

SKUNKWORKS -- We're spending part of April with hidden feeds that we've discovered in our trawl of popular weblogs. Those feeds generate from password-protected . Sometimes you need a user name/password sequence to get the feed. Other times, the feed is sitting opening in a location where it can be read without challenge. We have discovered no State secrets while foraging for hidden feeds. The potential for a hidden blog with open feeds intrigues us because that means you could produce a taster of content through the same weblog that you've locked down with password restrictions.


Schoolworks one week later

CLONMEL -- We're clicking through web sites built by transition year students during a short course we ran on personalcasting. One thing that distinguished our programme from similar introductions to blogging--we did not (1) choreograph a link fest where we tried to elevate search engine placement of the students' blogs and (2) did not turn on the public notification of the aggregators which means our first efforts of publication did not inundate the summary pages of places like Daypop and Technorati.

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World Cup

I think Ireland really have it in them to lift the world cup next year if they play to their ability and their own game. Last night's performance against Portugal showed what we can do. It looked a subdued match but that is due to the fact that we drowned the Portuguese attacking forays into appearing as a minor threat. That is a tactic in itself in much the same way as the Greeks did in Euro 2004 but with the added advantage of attacking prowess to back up defensive tactics as Ireland possess then there is every chance of success in Germany.