Farewell to HTML

Where does HTML end and XHTML begin? HTML became so popular because of it was easy to use. But the very features which made it so popular are the same features that are now drawing it back. A lack of rules regarding tags, and case sensitivity have attributed to the demise of HTML. One can't see this format being used for much longer, it's sure to die out in the next few years. Step up XHTML. XHTML is a much stricter version of HTML with three diferent levels of grammatical strictness - strict, transitional and framset. XHTML is in my opinion, a much clear-cut version, and should replace HTML altogether as soon as possible.

Gone in 10 seconds

MEDIA POST -- Anything that moves on the internet has to move quickly to a message because hypertext visitors are no more patient than touch-and-go trainee pilots. This means that it you advertise on a web site with any sort of animation, the advertisement has to get to the point. Animations that take 10 seconds to reach their message simply do not work.

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Random Flickrs

POYNTER -- One of the things I noticed before Poynter released the Eyetrack III study of web user behaviour was that visitors to Irish Typepad often click my pictures even though they don't know they're hyperlinked. I always try to link pictures to something because as early as 1996 I noticed people nonchalantly gravitating to pictures and clicking them.

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