Dearbhaile Does India

Dearbhaile ShineAND NOW, a word from backpacker Dearbhaile Shine.

"One of the most peculiar things I've noticed so far on my travels in India is how easy it is to adapt to another societies way of doing things. For instance on arrival in Mumbai I was greeted by squatter toilets. Hmmm, I know what you're thinking, crazy eh? Not so much if you look at it from the hygiene point of view and in that instance, the Indians hit the nail on the head. The weather,although sometimes blisteringly hot gives you a sense of relief, simply because the alternative is looking out the window at rain.

The friendly atmosphere of the towns and villages is something nobody will experience elsewhere not to mention their cuisine. You gotta love their Paneer Butter Masala. And bang lassies--they're a must!

If you're looking for an off the wall experience then you gotta come to India. Where else will you find monkeys diving off walls into baths and Gurus with special talents. Not to mention embracing in the peoples faith by taking part in Full Moon Celebrations with live music, chai and chilms!"

From an electronic postcard sent by Dearbhaile in Mumbai. Photo by Debbie Ryan.



WE HAVE THREE international students starting this term in Tipperary Institute and one of the first new vocabulary words they encountered was "snogging". The term is defined in some places as "spooning" and others say "to snog is to cuddle and kiss". That's what you're going to see in the snugs throughout Clonmel. The best use for a snug is a snog.