Most common Moodle password

CLONMEL -- The most common password into Moodle, our virtual learning environment, is "password" and that will not surprise people who study human memory. On average, the human brain can hold only five to nine "random bits of information" in short-term memory. Considering the brain's limited capacity and the sheer number of secret names, codes, and words a person needs to remember in this password-protected age, it's no surprise that the most common password is simply "password."

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Legacy beyond classroom

DUBLIN -- In class with Mick Wilson, the course developer of Dun Laoghaire's Master of Visual Arts Practises (MAVIS) programme, people wanted to know what kind of legacy might extend from the MAVIS programme. Wilson's perspective illuminated some enriching dimensions.

He is more interested in what graduates will be doing three to five years later.

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Stand-up entertainment as lecturer

ARTS AND LETTERS -- Easy grades, light reading loads, and above all a professor you can enjoy. Today’s university culture is one of all entertainment all the time.. an essay by Mark Edmunson based on his new book
Why Read?
about the the "crisis in the humanities", called the most provocative look since Allan Bloom's The Closing of the American Mind. It's not just a problem in America--it's endemic in my Irish classrooms. An American report from the National Endowment for the Arts documents how Americans are reading less. The unfortunate thing about that finding is that it's a globalistic effect--people everywhere are reading less. That harms society and reduces political discussion to the realm of the sound bite.

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From pulp to pixels

Moodle Moot

DUBLIN -- Dublin City University (DCU) hosts a day-long conference that uses and explains Moodle, the world's most successful Open Source e-learning platform. We expect 80 people at the event and at least that number will view the proceedings online.

DCU and Tipperary Institute have set up as a virtual meeting point that will extend the discussion beyond today's event.

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Productivity in Irish third level

CLONMEL -- If you believe rumblings from the Irish press, third level colleges and universities will find themselves gasping for revenue before the end of the decade. The Department of Education has reduced the funding line for most of its third level institutions and has told provosts they must find alternative funding channels. This attitude suggests the colleges involved should begin measuring their effectiveness with some market data. I have some monthly measurement indicators in mind.

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