WA 2017 in Review #analytics

Working with Statcounter

ONE OF THE MOST satisfying parts of the third level creative media degree on the Clonmel Digital Campus happens when students discover specific ways to attract an audience to their content. Some of the most incisive tracking occurs inside the Web Analytics module every autumn.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches creative media for business in the Limerick Institute of Technology.]

Searching with A9 button bars

A9 -- Amazon and Alexa have shared technology that promises to change the face of the search engine world. It's called A9 and it offers an impressive range of information. If you have more than one Amazon identity, you can log in several times and see search streams related to specific areas that you have explored. You get normal web information--text and images--crawled by Google. You also get information from Amazon's books. Plus, you share information from the searches done by others. This is as remarkable as it is scary.

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Messenger Shortcut

YAHOO -- A fun shortcut with Yahoo! Messenger is invoking search while in the middle of a messaging session. I occasionally chat with people who are thinking about visiting Ireland. I like to take them into southeast Ireland through pictures so they actually book into accommodation here. I can find pages related to things in Kilkenny by entering "s:kilkenny castle" into the conversation window. That generates a search and gives both of us useful results.


Yahoo Search Blog

Yahoo Campus

YSEARCHBLOG -- There are so many cool things happening at Yahoo! I discovered how to make RSS intersect MyYahoo. I connect with family through webcam conversations in Yahoo! Messenger. My e-mail burden feels like 1998 even though the inbound traffic is in the hundreds of messages a day. I rejoined on 1988 through Launchcast Radio on Yahoo! I missed that entire year while working 156 feet underground all of 1988. So when a Yahoo Search Blog hit my aggregator, I was impressed. It promises "to provide a window into what our team is thinking and doing, in their own words (and maybe some guest bloggers as well). " That alone is exciting enough to generate a blogmark in my aggie.

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