Tracking a Meme

"Smoking in public places" is an interesting meme.

In "The culture of the smoking ban in Ireland", John Duggan writes "the atmosphere in pubs to be a lot healthier" after the ban came into force.

The article "Ireland stubs it out" favours a smoking ban.

Shane Harrison

Clare Matheson, BBC News Online business reporter in Dublin

Industry News

Zuzana Kawaciukova, Staff Writer, The Prague Post

Lizette Alvarez -- "Sipping and smoking in Ireland"

Andrew Ó Baoill

Walter Hinteler

In the Telegraph

Sean Federico-O’Murchu

Missing Billions?

One explanation about the missing billions in government budgets is the influx of secret planes being developed in "black" programmes by governments around the world in an effort to expand aerospace control and beyond into advanced exploration. Check out the sites listed for a round-up of some projects being developed in the dark known as black projects.

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