Macromedia J2EE

CNET -- Macromedia has released its first major extension for Flex, server software introduced earlier this year as part of a drive to expand use of the company's Flash format. The new Flex Builder package is a set of design and development tools intended to help developers quickly build applications in Flex, which has largely been used to create slick interfaces for Web applications.

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Where PHP is headed

SLASHDOT -- Ian Felton offers some interesting viewpoints after looking at changes to PHP/ "At first glance, the obvious changes to PHP are a result of the success of the Java platform and the weaknesses of PHP revealed in comparison. With the release of PHP 5, it's apparent that the developers of PHP and the Zend Engine (essentially a single group) felt compelled to make PHP much more like Java with respect to object-oriented programming. Zend, the Israeli company backing the development of PHP, promises on their web site that "full integration with Java will be closer than ever before." Hmmm, full integration with Java, huh?"

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Software that lasts 200 years

BRICKLIN -- "We need to start thinking about software in a way more like how we think about building bridges, dams, and sewers. What we build must last for generations without total rebuilding. This requires new thinking and new ways of organizing development. This is especially important for governments of all sizes as well as for established, ongoing businesses and institutions."

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