Notes on Multimedia eBooks from Wes Fryer

I LISTEN AND LEARN A LOT from Wes Fryer, and really treasure his outline of making multimedia ebooks available under a Creative Commons license from his epublishing wiki.

  1. eBook Formats
    1. Comparison of eBook Formats
    2. ePUB
    3. Kindle (.azw - .mobi)
    4. iBooks
  2. Why Enhanced/Multimedia eBooks are so COOL!
    1. "Snowflake Gets Lost" (enhanced ebook by OKCPS 2nd graders - background & photos)
    2. "Our Choice" by Al Gore (sets a high bar for interactive eBook features)
    3. "Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing"
  3. Authoring in Apple Pages
    1. Sample ePUB document from Apple
    2. Media formats and file names
    3. Inserting Media
    4. Exporting EPUB
    5. Citations / footnotes
  4. Other software options (not for enhanced/multimedia)
    1. iBooks Author (free, Mac-only)
    2. Converting with Calibre 
    3. Sigil (WYSIWYG eBook editor)
    4. Adobe InDesign CS5
  5. Publishing options
    1. DropBox (public folder)
    2. ePubBud
    3. Apple's iBookStore (see "approved Apple Aggregators" below)
    4. Amazon Kindle eBooks (Kindle Direct Publishing)
    5. Barnes & Noble Nook eBooks (PubIt)
    6. Smashwords
    7. Print: CreateSpaceLulu
  6. Q & A

Multimedia eBook Resources

  1. Comparison of eBook Formats (English WikiPedia)
  2. EPUB format information from the International Digital Publishing Forum
  3. Kindle Direct Publishing
  4. Apple Pages Software (commercial)
  5. Calibre Software (free / open source)
  6. sigil - a WYSIWYG ebook editor (not for enhanced/multimedia - free / open source)
  7. Audio and Video in EPUB: Straight to the Point Miniguide #2 ($5 ebook)
  8. Apple ePUB Template with recommended stylesheet
  10. Approved Apple Aggregators (companies) for the iTunes iBookstore – as of July 2011
  11. CreateSpace (publish print books on demand, Amazon’s official partner / channel)
  12. e-Junkie (sell digital content online)
  13. ePubBud
  14. eBook Help on
  15. Wesley's social bookmarks for eBooks

Free posts, presentations and podcasts about eBook authoring

  1. Podcast380: The Summer of Podfading is OVER: Let’s Talk eBooks! (17 Sep 2011)
  2. Podcast383: Creating eBook Yearbooks of Student Work (13 Oct 2011)
  3. Lessons Learned About Enhanced or Multimedia EPUB eBook Validation (15 Aug 2011)
  4. Working with Free eBooks on Kindle for iPad NOT from (24 May 2011)
  5. Reading the Fine Print: Considering Different eBook Publishing Options for the iBookstore (25 Jul 2011)
  6. Publishing eBooks to Amazon and iTunes iBookstore: Learning Curve Continues (29 Jul 2011)
  7. Validation errors in a multimedia or enhanced EPUB eBook (5 Aug 2011)
  8. Lessons Learned About Enhanced or Multimedia EPUB eBook Validation (15 Aug 2011)
  9. eBooks and ePub Format Digital Books: A #tltechforum Roundable (6 May 2011)
  10. Oodles of eBooks (podcast) by Carolyn Foote (@technolibrary on Twitter) – Session resources

Apps for eBook Creation

  1. eBook Creator ($4, make ePUBs)
  2. eBook Magic ($4, make ePUBs)
  3. Demibooks (free, create interactive eBooks but not ePUBs)

Wes Fryer has a presentation or workshop on creating multimedia ebooks. He delivers it as a three-hour workshop, 1 hour interactive videoconference, and downloadable podcast. Learn more at

Workshop description: Learn how to create enhanced/multimedia eBooks including digital text, hyperlinks, images, and embedded videos. In addition to using Apple Pages software (part of iWork) participants will learn how to use Calibre software (free and cross-platform) to convert multimedia documents into a variety of eBook formats. 

Wesley's eBook, "Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing" is available in 3 formats for iPad, Kindle, and other eReaders including Nook.
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