CEC Web logo design

CEC-ENGINEERING -- Creative Engineering Company is one of the Chinese manufactures of Earth-moving equipment dominating the development, producing, sales and export in China. I designed the company's logo a year after the company was established. The whole creation process included building an understanding of the nature of the business, physical design, implementation and final evaluation. Prior to designing its web look and company logo, I did research on related web pages such as JCB, Caterpillar and Volvo. I got plenty of ideas from them about the physical design for the logo of the company and its web presence.

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Thong era has passed

Britney's thongDUBLIN -- If you want to look trendy, you must have a fashionable wardrobe. In 2004, that means no exposed thongs. You can take it from Yahoo Buzz and from anecdotal evidence--the era of the thong has passed. You can see this rite of passage by walking the perimeter of Temple Bar Square. It's a high-traffic area just outside of the meeting venue for Ireland's premier visual arts programme in Temple Bar Gallery and Studios. The only women wearing exposed thongs appear to be teenagers wearing hand-me-downs. The fashion police have spoken. Lose the Thong. It's a crime to show underwear above the top of your jeans.

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JK Rowling Redesign

Rowling Website

ANGIE McKAIG -- There are reasons for JK Rowling to go back to the drawing board with regard to her faux-desktop Web site. Although it might work well as a place to mess around and explore, the mystery-meat design doesn't show visitors information about Rowling's characters or storylines. Fortunately, quality alternatives exist, offering faster information and clearly defined site navigation features.

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