Cognification is all around us #clonmeldigit
Screening, Cognifying, and Sharing #clonmeldigit

Creatives aren't concerned about cognification


I ENJOYED A CLASSROOM conversation with Jess McNamara about cognification, an inevitable trend described by Kevin Kelly. We're diving into The Inevitable with 35 students as they examine how changing technology may affect their lives and livelihood in the decades ahead.

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Jess McNamara is a creative media student in her final three months of academic work. As she reveals during our conversation, she isn't threatened by machine learning or algorithms that have pervaded modern life.

Computer v Man

00:56 Jess McNamara explains cognification.

03:17 Steps you can take.

03:49 Know what is happening.

04:45 Jobs with cognifying.

05:15 Machines are learning.

05:46 Expectations of human efficiency.

06:52 Book by Kevin Kelly. Music by Andre Louis.

07:00 Find Emerging Trends Kun Keen on Spotify.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches creative media for business on the Clonmel Digital Campus of the Limerick Institute of Technology.]