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Empathy and Civility

Road rage

While listening to Cherise Taylor chat about "civility and kindness" on Limor, we created a response on social audio and pasted it inline with this blog post.

Bernie says the message is important. The basic message is civility. That actually starts with the driver being relaxed and not so jumped-up that they act rude when behind the wheel.

Frank adds this:

The importance of your loved ones is the importance of exercising civility. How can we tell who is walking on the other side of that bend.

Dylan says that it helps a person to be more positive and interactive towards others around them, allowing them to perhaps view the surrounding world and become a better contribution to the society the live in. 

David says it is important to be civil. To function normally in life you must have decent relationships with people. You don't have to be friends with everyone but life is much easier when you have as few enemies as possible. Be polite, be considerate. Not being civil makes life necessarily more difficult than it already is.

Luke believes everyone should have a right to be safe and to not worry about the next person trying to outdo them and maybe harming them. Everyone has a right to be safe. It doesn't take much to be civil and considerate to others.

Listen to "Educasting Writing for Web Listen Cherise" on Spreaker.

[Creative interpretations from the Clonmel Digital Campus. Photo by beelgin on Flickr under the Creative Commons license.]