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Promoting Local Businesses

by Natalie Goodman  in LIT Clonmel |237 words

South Tipperary Enterprise Board

The South Tipperary Enterprise Board is one of thirty-five County and City Enterprise Boards involved in a new initiative about getting business on-line, it offers support and advice to start up or existing businesses.For more information on this initiative or if you wish to enroll in a training course visit the website


South Tipperary Development Board

Promotes the local businesses and the amenities to which tourists will find interesting such as the Carrick-On-Suir to Kilsheelan Walk and Marlifield Walk, Cahir Castle and many more in the surrounding areas. It highlights the beauty of the surrounding countryside and enables locals as well as tourists the opportunity to engage in these wonderful walks as well as promoting South Tipperary's heritage.


The Clonmel Chamber of Commerce

The Clonmel Chamber is the largest business organisation in South Tipperary and represents the interests of the business community while also promoting economic development in the regions with a range of stakeholders and partners. Just recently they have introduced free Clonmel Wi-fi throughout Clonmel thanks to funding from the South Tipperary Development Company. This will help attract customers for the local businesses and is as step in the right direction, through using free wi-fi it enables the public to use the internet on laptops and mobile phones and Clonmel is at a huge advantage as they are the first to roll out free Wi-fi and for more information you can find them on Twitter @ClonmelChamber.

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How to find out about tipperary via online conversations.

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Tipperary is a County of Ireland. It is located in the provinceof Munster and is named after the town of Tipperary. The population of the county is 158,652 according to the 2011 census. Tipperary is the sixth largest of the 32 counties by area and the 11th largest by population.

people can find out about tipperary  via online conversations like tweeter, facebook and many other social and public sites. people visiting GAA sites could get online information about Tipperary from this site.

Facebook has its very own Tipperary page, which gives detailed information about the county, and different places to visit in tipperary. This page also contains local tipperary news, and tipperary weather. people could talk to each other and find out more about tipperary through this page.

Promoting Local

Clonmel Chamber

Stephanie Sweetnam in LIT-Clonmel | Logo from Clonmel Chamber

Several local agencies play a major role in articulating the message of local products and services in the South Tipperary region.

The Clonmel Chamber of Commerce

The Clonmel Chamber of Commerce is the largest business organisations in South Tipperary.  Its members create and maintaina positive business environment in the area.  The Chamber enables organisations to develop new opportunities, generate additional revenue and to create further employment locally.  

South Tipperary County Development Board

Established to promote the economic, social and cultural development in South Tipperary, the South Tipperary County Development Board outlines its county strategy on its website. The strategy documents meeting notes from the four Programme Management Groups who oversee the implementation of the Strategy.  Currently, the South Tipperary County Development Board promotes South Tipperary in a 'Taste of Tourism in South Tipperary'.  Companies and business people can sell and promote their products while visiting tourist attractions in South Tipperary.

South Tipperary Enterprise Board

This agency provides advice, information and support for start-up and existing businesses in South Tipperary.  It operates schemes aimed at assisting through Grants and refundable aid, the establishment of microenterprises with the central objective of facilitating the creation and maintenance of sustainable jobs and the development of economic infrastructure at a local level.  The Enterprise Board supports information about starting and running a business, business skills training, management skills development, financial support, mentoring and E-Commerce Initiatives.

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