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The Mahon Tribunal was set up to help prevent or investigate corruption within the Irish government. Among those that are being investigated are former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern. It is alledged that he took approximately €250,000.

Former European Minister Padraig Flynn is also being investigated for corruption in the planning process (e.g. agreeing to the construction of proprerties that should have not been built). Now in almost every town across the country there are ghost estates that remain half finished or an eyesore to the surrounding communities.

It is the belief of many that their pensions of €152,000 a year should be taken off them and any money that was taken should be paid back and used for vital resources such as schools and hospitals and roads.

In my opinoin I think its unfair for the general public to pay for the damages caused by the politicians in our government. Our country is in a mess and we owe a lot of money to other countries and the general public are suffering through various cuts and there is a lack of trust between the public and their government. 


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