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Value in Formative Assessments

PART OF THE CREATIVE multimedia degree programme running at the Limerick Institute of Technology involves formative assessments during several modules.

I conduct a series of team interviews in the campaign phase of the PR module when I offer qualitative feedback to students about client briefs, treatments, storyboards, use of project management software and time-keeping. I use formative assessments to determine whether I should change my approach as a lecturer. On several occasions, Feedback from formative assessments has helped me modify the emphasis I place on learning objectives. When I worked as an Air Force instructor pilot, formative assessment was essential because of the need to address student pilot performance. In my current practise, feedback also helps improve performance while simultaneously improving the content I deliver.

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All About Local

A Dreamier WorldTHE "MOST INTERESTING" SHOT of Cashel, Ireland, today is a wheat field (at left). That tells a local story.

When I see farmers' fields in County Tipperary, I often think about where the crops are headed. A field of oats suggests a special story. They have a lower summer heat requirement and greater tolerance of rain than other cereals, such as wheat, rye or barley, so are particularly important in areas with cool, wet summers, such as Ireland. I watch farmers plant oats in both the autumn and in the spring. And I enjoy the by-product at places like Inch House where oats grown out front of the house make black pudding in the kitchen. This is a common local story and it should be shared.

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Creating an Immersive Experience

Tom HanksWE SPEND SEVERAL HOURS unpacking the concept of "immersive experiences" in the Media Writing module at LIT-Clonmel. It's part of a creative multimedia degree.

I like how Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg approach the topic so I try to find samples of their work to use in the third level curriculum. I've watched Band of Brothers several times because "immersion" runs through the characters of that award-winning mini series. I plan to show some of the behind-the-scenes discussions of how the actors got in character and how the directors ensured the success of the production by their strict focus on authenticity. The video below the break should effectively make the point.

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Technologies Bringing Change

Cousins PaddingDICK O'BRIEN REPORTS on "10 technologies that could change your business" and I want to bring his five page article from Computers in Business into the Emerging Technologies and Trends module I teach at Limerick Institute of Technology.

I've already made "tablets and creativity" a major thread of discussion in the module and that corresponds to Dick's third technlogy (i.e., mobile devices). He also cites near field communications, cloud computing, long term evolution, green technology, 3D, nanotechnology, sensor arrays, motion control and HTML5. I'm interested in hearing from fourth year students how many of these emerging technologies will be part of a creative's work flow in the year 2020.

Trends in Tech

Dick O'Brien -- "10 Technologies that could change your business" in Computers in Business, October 2, 2011.