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Twitter Influence in Ireland

Twitter  LatteTHE NEW TECH POST had a look at "the most influential tweeters" in Ireland and put the editor of onto the list.

The NTP list is admittedly subjective becacuse "influence can mean many things to many people." I agree with that assessment but think the listing is a good one for someone new to Twitter. In fact, the names are people tweeting in Ireland so they are more relevant than the ones that Twitter recommends for people. The NTP list spins through several objective factors like numbers of followers, the number being followed back, total tweets, retweets and favourites. As I click through the list, I wonder how many of the 10 cited follow the other nine people on the list. I know I don't follow all the influencers who are cited on the list. But I feel there's a nice eclectic mix in the listing.

The List follows.

Dan Boyle

Niall Byrne

David Cochrane

Bernie Goldbach

Graham Linehan

Mark Little

Andrew Mangan

Miriam O'Callaghan

Conor Pope

Paul Staines

Conor Harrington -- "Our Top 10 Irish Twitter Influencers" on the New Tech Post blog, September 13, 2011.