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The Power of Social Video

Part of the Pacdog VideoSOMETHING SPECIAL HAPPENS when you produce social video because truly social objects have social currency--they are empowered by being passed around.

And that's how I feel after watching "Pacdog is Awesome" on the Flickr blog. It's a story of friends of Paul Collins, AKA Pacdog, and how they connected by sharing images that form a video postcard. Jake Rome tweeted the ideaAs Jake explains, Pacdog has been active on Flickr more than a half decade. He has made hundreds of friends across the site on various groups, and has never made an enemy. Jake writes, "When he lost parts of five fingers in an accident, he seemed to be down and I resolved to organize his friends to cheer him up." The result is below the fold.

Jake Rome -- "Pacdog is Awesome" on "Jake's Adventures",  September 16, 2011.

Pacdog's Response.

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