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Remember 911

911 ShootdownREMEMBERING 911 is a meme that folds into an exploration of narratives in the Media Writing module run by the Limerick Institute of Technology because it's unusual to find anyone who does not know where they were on the day.

The world changed on September 11, 2011, partially because of the actions documented in both the written report of the day. One part of the story is traced in a scrolling view of a 911 map and audio files at the New York Times Interactive. The original audio clips, some of which have been published previously, have been released in a multimedia report originally intended to be part of the Sept. 11 Commission’s 2004 report. I think the story of the day of 9/11 courses through the voices of 9/11 in the clip below.

911 Voices

NYT Interactive -- "911 Tapes, September 7, 2011.

911 Commission -- The 911 Commission Report, ISBN 978-0393060416


Hopes and Fears on Campus

Next Generation IrelandNEW LIT STUDENTS shouted out their hopes and fears for their academic adventure ahead in the School of Tipperary.

Several said they wanted to "get" something specific: a job, good grades, a degree, a girlfriend, answers to questions and long-term contacts. Several arrived on campus hoping for a new life experience, to meet new people, and to enjoy the creative multimedia course they are starting. Some of the 40 new students expressed specific things they would like to learn: sound editing, creating a credible portfolio, and the skills to start a new business. These are commendable hopes. But there are fears expressed with the hopes.

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Getting Paid for Your Shots

Rock of Cashel

SEVEN YEARS AGO, when Flickr was still a baby and when iPhones did not exist, I walked out of the best cafe in Cashel and snapped a shot of the Rock of Cashel. That image has been seen by more than 20,000 on Flickr, been marked a favourite more than 50 times and appeared in collateral worldwide without attribution or compensation. Its unauthorised usage gives me a solid teaching example that resonates in the current experience of Susan Cloonan.

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First Day Back

New sign and flowersIT IS OUR first day back to teaching in South Tipperary and we're part of a global response (#firstday).

I've cobbled together a Google Document to give first year students an idea where I'm headed with their curriculum in the Media Writing module I teach. The Google Document underscores the Open Courseware approach I use in most of my third level practise. This semester, I will try to foster a transmedia approach in support of three themes: local, social and mobile. These themes recur on my Inside View blog and would be familiar to anyone who subscribes to me there. But there's more.

Media Writing Starts Here

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Michael Stipe the Creator


Michael Stipe

MICHAEL STIPE is one of my inspirations, from some of the darkest days in my personal life. His distinct music, visual work, and productions off stage (such as in producing Being John Malkovich) make me crave a visit to one of his workspaces, such as the one he showed in New York.

Stipe creates replicas, including sculptures that reference conceptual ideas from his early life. "Sculpture is what you back into when looking at a painting," he says laughingly. Stipe thinks "the job of artists, the job of creatives is to examine things around us and to push (people) to a place". His work is transformative and creative. Below the break is a video that shares the vision of Michael Stipe, the creator.

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