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Hopes and Fears on Campus

Next Generation IrelandNEW LIT STUDENTS shouted out their hopes and fears for their academic adventure ahead in the School of Tipperary.

Several said they wanted to "get" something specific: a job, good grades, a degree, a girlfriend, answers to questions and long-term contacts. Several arrived on campus hoping for a new life experience, to meet new people, and to enjoy the creative multimedia course they are starting. Some of the 40 new students expressed specific things they would like to learn: sound editing, creating a credible portfolio, and the skills to start a new business. These are commendable hopes. But there are fears expressed with the hopes.

Fears of new college students expressed today:

-- Fear of the unknown was circled as an important consideration.

-- Failing

-- Disappointing family

-- Fear of joining social networks

-- Getting back into education

-- Not passing

--Not enjoying the course

-- Not being smart enough to pass.

-- Fear of letting myself down

-- Not getting a grant

-- Corrupt ale

-- Worried about sleeping in

-- Playing catch-up

-- Lack of free time

-- Staying healthy.