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First Day Back

New sign and flowersIT IS OUR first day back to teaching in South Tipperary and we're part of a global response (#firstday).

I've cobbled together a Google Document to give first year students an idea where I'm headed with their curriculum in the Media Writing module I teach. The Google Document underscores the Open Courseware approach I use in most of my third level practise. This semester, I will try to foster a transmedia approach in support of three themes: local, social and mobile. These themes recur on my Inside View blog and would be familiar to anyone who subscribes to me there. But there's more.

Media Writing Starts Here

1. Microcontent Writing.

We need to develop the ability of students to create microcontent (140 characters to 250 words) on thematic ideas throughout the semester. This will happen through a series of practical workshops.

2. Microdocument Research.

We will string together transmedia products that result in small screen documents (epub and mobile format for web content), web screencasts and a Blurb book. Up to 10 percent of the Media Writing module's marking scheme is reserved for credit earned for work that a curator believes deserves syndication.

3. Kindle Pubishing. A portion of the course work, sourced from student submissions, will be distributed via Kindle Publishing.

4. Media Analysis. The most difficult portion of the Media Writing module involves interpreting visual art. Other analyses will focus on sound, video and written content.

5. Personalcasting. If all goes to plan, the first year cohort will develop content that will move from a simple Audioboo channel and onto a regional radio station. To accomplish this action, elements of the Media Writing module will complement the audio module.