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Collaboration Plus

Adding to #litddALTHOUGH THE SCREENSHOT (at left) might not look like anything special, it represents a major step forward in my collaborative classroom.

Thanks to the instant upload capability of Google Plus, I'm able to record short pieces to camera with my creative multimedia students and let my mobile phone do the rest of the work. The items upload automatically behind the scene or I can remove the Xperia Arc's memory chip and manually upload the files later. This is a big deal because it removes all post-production processing from the loop. I can set an oral task, walk around with my cameraphone, record a few pieces with the camera, and know that Google Plus is shoveling the short takes onto a shared space behind the scenes. We're helped along in the process by a free and open wifi node on the campus. And we're also fortunate to have students who have shown a willingness to dive straight into the process of collaboration through tight circles on Google Plus.

My Totally LIT Circle on Google Plus.