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Tipp-PR 1101

Sharon on CameraWE START ANOTHER semester of Public Relations in Tipperary Institute knowing that the 2011 running of the module is the most ambitious ever. The 25 participants in the module will support the development, recording and post-production of College Lives, a six-part series with TippFM. The module leverages the astute real-time expertise of Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson, the godfathers of PR podcasting. In a perfect world, students will complete this PR module through an online journey that takes them into major themes of creativity, education technology, ethics, education, labour unions, personal brands, government, social media, metrics, start-ups, and Tipperary food. As in several of the modules taught at Tipperary Institute, the Delicious social bookmarking system will be used with the tag tipppr.

FIR 581 (abridged)


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