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Imperial Eureka Moment

By the mood the musicTEN YEARS FROM now, a graduate of Tipperary Institute will recall some conversations that unfolded along the South Mall in Cork, Ireland. The conversations, sparked by a eureka moment inside the Imperial Hotel, happened unscripted and unexpectedly, as happens in some of the most inspirational events. We snapped some images in a Flickr photostream from Cork today that capture the time around the moment. And we pass around good karma to Rick Segal for sharing his time and ideas.

Flex and ActionScript 3

WE TEACH BOTH Adobe Flash and Adobe Actionscript in the multimedia degree programme at Tipperary Institute. I'm keen to integrate the Abobe Flex™ 2 product line and Adobe Flash® Player 9 into the four year multimedia degree programme, especially since Flex development uses tools based on Eclipse™ alongsinde the free Adobe Flex 2 Software Development Kit (SDK). The end result should be a class of students able to built a new class of rich Internet applications with improved usability and effectiveness.

John Dowdell -- "Flex 2 Adoption"

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Seven Mistakes in Handling Crises

AS DISCUSSED in several educasts, common mistakes in handling crises include the following:

Hesitation. This leads to public perception of confusion, callousness, incompetence or lack of preparation.

Obfuscation. This leads to the perception of dishonesty and insensitivity.

Retaliation. This increases tension and intensifies emotion rather than reducing them.

Prevarication or equivocation. This creates the biggest problem, because nothing substitutes for truth.

Pontification. This creates vulnerability by taking a high-handed approach without really dealing with the issue at hand.

Confrontation. This provides others visibility by keeping the issue alive, giving them a platform, and giving them more to respond to.

Litigation. This guarantees even greater visibility and may eliminate more reasonable solutions.

Scott Cutlip and Allen Center -- Effective Public Relations, "Planning and Programming"
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News Release Turns 100

BUSINESSWIRE observes the 100th anniverary of the first press release today. The American offices will hold a panel discussion in New York entitled "Centennial Celebration of the Press Release: Exploring the Past, Present and Future of Public Relations." Most people accept that Ivy Lee put out his first press release in 1906. Research suggests the PR industry itself is older, perhaps emerging in the late 1890s when American railways made the first reference to the term "public relations" in its external documents. Stuart Bruce says, "The outlaw Jesse James used the media to bolster his reputation as a brave ex-Confederate guerilla, rather than a desperate outlaw - on several occasions he left 'press releases' behind at the scenes of his robberies." Bruce always considered Edward Bernays as the founder of modern public relations, rather than Ivy Lee.

Stuart Bruce -- "Businesswire commemorates 100th anniversary of Public Relations Industry"
Businesswire  original release.

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