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Moynihan Top Software Developer

Mulligan and MoynihanAt Tipperary Institute’s 2006 graduation ceremony today, Sean Moynihan walked away with more than a third level diploma. He won additional honours for producing the best software development project and for earning the highest results in the software development curriculum. Damien Mulligan, Iona's Tech Services Operations Manager for the EMEA region, attended the graduation events in Thurles and presented Moynihan with his two well-deserved awards. Moynihan’s highly-regarded embedded systems project provided him with a working understanding of web services which helped him qualify for his paid six-month placement in South Tipperary County Council in Clonmel last summer.

Selected from a pool of students Moynihan worked with mission-critical information systems for South Tipperary. Moynihan worked in a customer-facing role where he took requests from staff, councillors, and directors. He set up work stations, troubleshot program code and supported IT staff.

“This is something I wanted to do before I came to college. I was always interested in computers and in fixing things.” He aims for a career in the Irish IT industry.

Iona is a leading proponent of third level work experience. “The co-op programme works very well, from our perspective,” Mulligan affirmed. “If we select the right people, we attract people who want to do the job right. We found students from Tipperary Institute were at the right level. We select them with the hope that they also want to come back to us.”

In remarks to the staff of Tipperary Institute, Mulligan explained that Iona looks “for students who have technical ability who can learn what the product can be used for, not just an understanding of what they are doing on a daily basis.”

“We need all those things in our work placement candidate," said Ruth Maher, project leader for e-development in South Tipperary County Council. “On top of the technical skills he demonstrated in his software development project, Sean already had the common needed when working directly with customers.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to work with Iona in developing the next generation of software engineers in Ireland,” said James Greenslade, director of the ICT Department at Tipperary Institute. “When well-regarded company like Iona or an agency like the County Council takes one of our students for work experience, we believe we are working together to continue developing the indigenous software industry in Ireland.”

Photo of Mulligan and Moynihan by Bernie Goldbach.

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