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Fair dealing

Cai.ieMUCH OF THE CONTENT produced for audio playback and downloadable at is done by and for third level students. As such, it's worth exploring how selections from books, music and spoken content from other sources can be used in a justifiable manner. We turn to the Copyright Association of Ireland for information concerning fair dealing, education and archiving.

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On Technoculture

Outdoor ReadingPART OF TODAY'S podcast [Educast 62 27.4 MB MP3] deals with The Long Tail as inches out of its niche and rises closer to a Top 10 placement on the NYT best-sellers list. It doesn't hurt that Tipperary Institute has purchased 10 copies. We talk about the Long Tail along with 38 minutes of other topics. We use the Sony ICD MX-20 without a mic for two segments and our big fat iPod mic for the rest of the show. That's Robin Blandford's snap of the book cover, using his Sony Walkman phone.

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Goldbach, Math, Podcast

SOMETHING TRIGGERED the directory to include Irish educasts in the "math" category. It's probably because some of our podcasts refer to maths at third level and that means they fit into the Science & Nature/Math directories. Or maybe it's the name of the producer? Christian Goldbach was a great mathematician. Perhaps the ID3 tags on some educasts suggest a mathematical orientation.

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Promoting Science

PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHERS can leverage computers, microscopes, digital still cameras, DV cameras, and document cameras and then adding visual images to enhance instruction. Do it visually and students learn more. MaryAnne Campo says your can "use images from your photo collection in flickr to make slideshows, add imagery through video clips from your latest summer vacation trips, add images from Google Maps or Google Earth for Physical Geography content or add images and clips from the culture of the people in the countries you visit. Take students virtually into science experiments through visual imagery, show scientific examples; show them a real coral reef. Make your presentations come alive through 3-D imagery".

You need broadband to accomplish these things.

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Long Tail Big Scenes

We catch up with Terry and Laurie Porter, Harley bikers from California, when they spend a podcast session in Mellifont Friary to discuss things like the SonyEricsson W810i Walkman phone, Americans in Europe, The Long Tail, why to carry a laptop on a Harley, making big scenes explode in Hollywood, jobs for multimedia degree students, weeknight barbeque tips and some podsafe music from Shiny Toy Guns, Randall Cousins and Steffen Coonan. It’s 45 minutes of conversation and musings in a 32.2 MB 96kbps MP3 file. Follow the rest in the shownotes. »