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Why we transcribe on the fly

Fair dealing

Cai.ieMUCH OF THE CONTENT produced for audio playback and downloadable at is done by and for third level students. As such, it's worth exploring how selections from books, music and spoken content from other sources can be used in a justifiable manner. We turn to the Copyright Association of Ireland for information concerning fair dealing, education and archiving.

Fair dealing.

A work may be used by anyone for the purposes of research or private study without the permission of the author, provided the use is conducted in a way which does not prejudice the rights of the copyright owner. The work may also be used for criticism or review or for reporting current events, with the same proviso, and provided further that the use of the work is accompanied by an acknowledgement identifying the author and the title of the work. This bundle of exceptions is known as "fair dealing".

Educational uses.

The use of author's works for certain educational purposes is permitted. These include the use of the work in examinations, and the inclusion of a short passage from the work in an anthology for schools. Portions of educasts, underway in Ireland and inside view podcasts are extracted for use in examinations.

Libraries and Archives.

Several of the MP3 files open for download from have also been submitted to the National Digital Library Resorce. Libraries and archives are given limited rights to copy works under certain conditions. Public libraries and certain educational establishments may also lend works without infringing the rights of the author.

See the Copyright Association of Ireland for more details.