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Mics Do More

MICROPHONES IN CLASSROOMS do more than allow us to time-shift academic lectures. When used as part of the Q&A sessions, those microphones elevate the play of students who might have otherwise escaped by mumbling or averting their gaze. We mic some minutes for academic credit. Do the research ahead of time, write down some thoughts and when it's time to talk, have a snippet worth sharing in a podcast. When students connect those dots in the multimedia programme at Tipperary Instiute, they earn top-up extra credit.


What podcasts teach me

GOOD PODCASTS are like good blogs in that they have feedback loops. In Tipperary Institute, we use podcasts in several courses. Our PR course integrates podcasts directly into lecture materials, like today's on "embedding messages" in various media. While the process of embedding information (not to be confused with embedding journalists) is telling, some of the feedback from students is more striking. Here are some examples:

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