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Creative Commons and Artists

KEVIN FLANAGAN is an artist living and working in Galway. For the past 18 months, he has worked with Enso, a group of six artists whose main focus has been to organise art events that exhibit work by local and national artists. The work ranges from performance art to installation pieces.

As a group, Enso has become interested in collaborating. Their upcoming events include Co-Lab--a one week experiment in collaborative practice taking place in Nuns Island Art Center Galway as part of the Tulca Season of Visula Art.

Some in Enso support the development of the public domain and creation of a media commons which people can use and take advantage of more actively. Some of Flanagan's works are available online under Creative Commons licences Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0.

Copyleft licences are an excellent way for young emerging artists to help promote their work. It's good to see Flanagan leading the way by stoking awareness of Copyleft and CC licences among artists in his locality.

Enso Art is a collaborative venture.