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Technology, Diaries and Electronics

ONE OF THE TOPICS covered in the Mass Communications and Culture course in Tipperary Institute concerns the role played by government in the field of communications. Most students expect the government to aid communications. It surprises them to hear how the Irish government monitors communications as well.

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WE HAVE THREE international students starting this term in Tipperary Institute and one of the first new vocabulary words they encountered was "snogging". The term is defined in some places as "spooning" and others say "to snog is to cuddle and kiss". That's what you're going to see in the snugs throughout Clonmel. The best use for a snug is a snog.

Rehoming Irish animals with Web 2.0

NING COULD PROVIDE a software bridge between a homeless animal and a warm and friendly home. This could happen with a little coding using Web 2.0 infrastructure. The idea starts with cloning Bulldogster into a new application that integrates descriptions of what potential dog owners want to descriptions of dogs needing homes. We're studying how to conceptualise this idea as a design pattern in our Multimedia Programming course at Tipperary Institute.

Ning Pets can be cloned to suit any breed.

Creative Commons and Artists

KEVIN FLANAGAN is an artist living and working in Galway. For the past 18 months, he has worked with Enso, a group of six artists whose main focus has been to organise art events that exhibit work by local and national artists. The work ranges from performance art to installation pieces.

As a group, Enso has become interested in collaborating. Their upcoming events include Co-Lab--a one week experiment in collaborative practice taking place in Nuns Island Art Center Galway as part of the Tulca Season of Visula Art.

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Digital Lifestyle Aggregation

What is a DLA? It’s a term I first encountered while listening to Marc Canter when he attended a semantic web event in Galway. If you have seen, you know one flavour of a DLA. With Yahoo! 360, people can keep track of their own stories, music, photos, video and files—plus they can see all these things when linked to their families and friends through Yahoo!

Marc Canter -- "Digital Lifestyle Aggregator"
Mena Trott -- "Mena Trott's Mom" (Go look. It's related to DLA.)