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1000 Bucks for Travel Thoughts

1000 dollars

World66 will pay you to travel. All you have to do is help update their guidebooks by writing while traveling. They have ten travel grants waiting for travelers with a plan a good writing skills.

How does it work? It works in a pretty straightforward way. You submit your proposal for you trip. We review it and we tell you if we will sponsor you and we agree on what youn need to write to be sure you get the money. During your trip and afterwards you write about the places you've visited. If you've done what we agreed on we pay via Paypal.

What is the term? You have to submit your proposal before 1 January 2006. You need to finish travel  before 1 January 2007.

How do they select the winners? By the proposal. You have to be headed towards places that are in need of a write-up. They look at writing skills and motivation.

What happens to the wirte-ups? They're published with a Creative Commons license.

See the World66 submission form.