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Get Broadband Study Buddies

I THOUGHT THAT I was among a small minority when it comes to using Skype and Instant Messaging in a study environment. Every time I sit down at my work desk, I click through a half-dozen IM texts and about the same number of Skype voice mails. Nearly every one of them deal with third level questions or queries about possible research projects. Less than a hundred miles away, there's a hive of study buddies using Skype, according to Robin Blanford.

I have been making great use of tele-study. which i don't know if the word exists, but it does now. Basically I'm here studying, and I have the laptop opened out flat and leant against the wall so its like a tablet pc infront of me, and I've Skype on to Daragh who's doing the same exam as me. Which means effectivly we may as well be sitting back to back in the same room, hands free chat, free, clear, and excellent.

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