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First person journalism

WONDERING WHETHER FIRST-PERSON ACCOUNTS qualify as journalism, Amy Gahran addresses a question raised by . You don't have to look far--glance at top-of-the-hour Sky News coverage often includes video clips sent by viewers to [email protected] for minor post-production and timely transmission. Steve Outing has noticed how some "news organizations let sources tell the story without the added voice of the journalist interjected". In Europe, it's Sky with its finger on the cameraphone pulse. In the States, it's ABC News with its "First Person" segments. Outing explains, These are news segments where you don't hear the reporter's voice; the voice you hear will be only that of the source of the story. A journalist may be filming, but he/she stays in the background".

I like how the NY Times tells some of its stories with multimedia features. And who can demean the helmet camera footage while Discovery was getting its walk-around while in orbit?

Steve Outing -- "When the source tells the story". Yes, it's first person journalism.