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TRIBUNE -- Joe Bloggs cites blogs from Scott Burgess, Eamonn Fitzgerald, Red Mum and United Irelander in this week's review of the blogosphere. Excerpts follow.

Blighty Blogger Bags Bomber Backer. Or at least that's how The Sun would headline it, if they'd noticed the story. Scott Burgess, who runs The Daily Ablution, took issue with "Guardian trainee journalist" Dilpazier Aslam on 13 July, the day after it was revealed the London bombers were Brisith-born, the same day an opinion piece with Aslam's byline ran in the Guardian.

Aslam had reported from Leeds on the London bombings for the newspaper, but the foot of his op-ed failed to mention his other claim to fame.

Burgess revealed the missing bit. Aslam is a member of one of Brtiain's most extreme Islamic groups, Hizb ut-Tahrir, which advocates the establishment of a global Islamic state governed by Sharia law.

Hat-Tip of the Week. Redmum, in words and photos, describes the run-up and journey with her "young wan" to be among the first to have the sixth Harry Potter novel. Redmum bribed her daughter into cleaning--"her room, oh Jesus her room, I cannot say anymore about that"--by offering to take her to Easons at midnight.

The entire post is utter genius.

Remainders. Our new favourite blog tagline: "United Irelander -- Uniting Ireland in opposition against me."

Joe Bloggs -- "Blogosphere" in the Sunday Tribune, July 17, 2005.