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Keith Alexander RIP

Full-back Koi TattBlogger and Twisted Sister friend Keith Alexander died yesterday in New York after a bike accident. I knew him by the ink on his back. His Koi Tatt looked a lot better than Koi tasted when I had it for Sunday brunch years ago. Boing Boing readers might remember the interesting things he suggested through the years. Xeni Jardin remembers him fondly. From Xeni:

I met Keith Alexander online a couple of years ago when he emailed to say that he was an avid Boing Boing reader, and ... an online friendship evolved.... We exchanged emails and IMs over time. He was an avid body modification enthusiast, and we shared other eclectic things of interest. I needed advice from a tattoo expert once, so I pinged him -- he was incredibly generous and knowledgeable, and helped me find what I needed with the kind of selflessness that just makes you feel good about the world.

Once, he was preparing to get a large Japanese koi tattoo on his back, and he promised to blog photographs throughout the process. I asked if I could share them with Boing Boing. He said, sure, and he was right -- the ink was beautiful. But even more so was the childlike fascination with which he explored that small wonder of the world. It's the same sense of fascination that brings me back to the laptop and to Boing Boing each morning.

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Keith Alexander's last blogged words: "Damn. Riding after 6PM is rough. Far too many people out and 80% of them are morons."