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Flickr in classrooms

FLICKR -- Next academic term is Flickr's time to enter the Media Writing classroom in Tipperary Institute, as a product description technology. The tasking involves progressively deeper involvement with the photo-sharing technology, starting with an abstract description of what the web service does, a detailed description of the Flickr API, and adding notes to Flickr photos.

We have collected photos of multimedia developers at work and will have multimedia students annotate images with relevant information to identify the kinds of apparel people wear, products sitting on desks, and articles in offices. This exercise has a practical purpose--it is designed to develop an awareness of product placement. When seeking sponsorship, promoters need to know how to leverage product placement. Wired explains why:

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Michael Jackson in Ireland

CLONMEL -- Michael Jackson's "Beat It" returns to normal airplay throughout southeast Ireland today as the musician returns to Neverland for recuperation. On the front pages of the mainstream Irish press, the newspapers give this accounting:

  • Irish Independent: "Jackson Innocent"
  • Irish Times: "Jury clears Michael Jackson"
  • Irish Examiner: "Jackson Cleared"
  • Irish Daily Mirror: "Not Guilty"
  • Irish Daily Star: "Not Guilty"
  • Irish Sun: "He Beat It"

I could not retrieve the CNN story until four hours after the headline broke. The traffic to CNN was withering.
Bonus Link: Flickr Photos tagged with "MichaelJackson" are among the top 10 tags of the day.