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Yahoo 360 review

YAHOO -- Because it's a free and easy way to integrate content, we are using Yahoo 360◦ to complement the learning objectives of Media Writing, a first year course on the multimedia degree programme in Tipperary Institute. Students and members of the group are reporting that it takes no more than 10 minutes to set up a Yahoo! identity and then to acquire a simple URL for an easy-to-find blog. The important thing to realise is that most students don't see it as blogging; for them, Yahoo 360◦ is an online note-taker that doubles as a place to share revision notes. The second most important thing to realise that when dealing with a Border Manager that controls the inbound flow of email, you cannot offer more than a dozen invitations to people using the campus mail system. A high volume of invitations shows up as spam and gets blocked.

Those are snap impressions from the first day of usage. The real commentary will come from students themselves during the coming weeks as they populate their blogs with material extracted from written journals, then followed by the results they earn on their final exams.

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