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NEWSWEEK -- Stephen Levy has a piece in Newsweek where he criticizes the dominance of white men in blogging. He misses two important points.

Point One. It appears that male bloggers have more Google Juice. Look for an answer through a search engine and it seems you land in a space authored by a male when your answer appears to be blogged.

Point Two.The second unsaid dimension of all this cross-talk is that it appears more men than women use blogging architecture--the content management system likely to achieve prominence in global search. The gender balance is better in the diary sites but they're not indexed towards the top of key categories.

In Tipperary Institute, my experience as a college lecturer shows that guys don't hesitate to rip apart code more aggressively and play the geek on their hand-modified blogs. Women students get something that works, improve its aesthetic (code base and design appearance), then write interesting content.

We need to adjust grading standards to motivate all comers to higher quality code and content.

In the meantime, along comes people like Levy who stirs up things with male-only propositions. The real issue is whether people use the blogging system to communicate and collaborate. I'm not sure there's a gender barrier in place, so I'm inclined to think this whole issue has more social currency than value as academic discourse.

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