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Sunday Tribune on Irish blogs

TRIBUNE -- "Joe Bloggs" writes in the Sunday Tribune about the "Blogosphere" (should be simply " ". Today's citations come from Slugger, BSD, Twenty, Marking Time, and Gerry O'Sullivan. The article follows.

George has clearly been away too long. Slugger O'Toole has far and away the most wide-ranging coverage of Northern Ireland and has tracked the follow-up from last week, including the backlash agains the McCartney family, with a decent respect for all sides. For sheer entertainment value, however, just pick one of the postings with the maximum number of comments.

But the most passionate debate of the week on that site (and in the irish blogosphere) came on Wednesday, over the proposal by George Best for an All-Ireland soccer squad. One reader kicked off a storm by posting his reaction: "Oh dear. Looks like it'll be the Derek Dougan treatment for George from now on. He should realise that this is Ireland and you aren't supposed to make such logical points as that!"

O'Clery accused of misfiring. Backseat Drivers attacked lazy coverage of the Minnesota school shooting, particularly by the Irish Times Conor O'Clery, who blamed the incident on "the lethal mix of alienated teenagers, guns and hate groups" in the US.

Backseat retorts: "It's not clear from the facts--not to mention O'Clery's own story--that any such 'lethal mix' led to this particular crime. We can reasonably deduce from his earlier discipline problems in school that Weise was alienated. Oh, and his dad committed suicide and his mother is in a nursing home with brain damage from a car accident. So he was troubled alright. But he stole the murder weapon from his police officer grandfather, whom he also murdered. This wasn't a family saturated with gun culture; there was a gun in the family home for legitimate, professional reasons. And the hate group angle is just salacious. Weise posted to the website of the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party. That title tells you everything you need to know about their coherence. Weise's dabbling in Nazism strikes me as a symptom of his problems, not a cause. Fully appreciating the complications these facts introduce, however, makes it harder to condemn an entire society by making an emblem of an atrocity."

Yisser pickin' on the wrong Yossers. The outrageously acerbic Twenty Major reacted with dismay to the call by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (calling them "c***s") for a protest at the match involving an Israeli number 10 jersey and a slogan "no to apartheid". Twenty reveals, however, "the number 10 shirt is worn by a bloke called Walid Badir who is a Palestine Arab and one of the most popular players in Israel. [the spokeman] also didn't realise that 30% of the players in the Israeli leage are Palestinian Arabs, tha an Arab team are the current champions and that football is one of the only things that Israelis and Palestinians do together which doesn't include plastic explosives. buses and caf├ęs."

"Displaying heretofore unprecendented levles of asinine c*ntery [the campaign's spokeman] said 'To be frank I don't follow soccer. I am not interested in individual details.'"

"who let the dogs out?" was the inevitable headline Marking Time when he discovered that Clare County Council is planning to make it illegal to walk your dog on the beach.

Inspired by Ireland's defeat at the hands of Wales, Gerry O'Sullivan had a suggestion: "New line for 'Ireland's Call' ... The chorus now goes: 'Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, forever standing still.'"

Extracted from the Sunday Tribune, March 27, 2005.