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Traveling to TippInst

On the way(Editor -- We asked for some feedback from Transition Year students concerning the journey they take every morning to attend the Schoolworks Programme at Tipperary Institute. Their moblogged thoughts and comments to this post reminds readers what it's like to endure consecutive days of minibus rides.)

THURLES -- The bus journey from County Offaly to Thurles in County Tipperary takes us an hour and a half, we have to get up early and the roads are bumpy, the bus is small and cramped and we don't get a break.

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Slices of Blink

Blink on AmazonBLINK -- Sometimes it helps to try the ideas that authors write about because if they work for you, they must be worthwhile for a lot of other people as well. We test Malcolm Gladwell's theories about half-slicing moments of observation by dissecting Blink [ISBN 0316172324] with 18 teenagers. The idea is to see whether Blink survives the attention span of a well-disciplined Irish Transition Year student. If Gladwell passes the half-slice test, the book must be good. If he cannot hold the attention of at least 10 of the group, we don't order the hard cover for the college library.

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Social bookmarking extends the web

DELICIOUS -- I learn what lies ahead by skimming popular Delicious tags. Unlike trendy tagging, social bookmarking provides a clear indication as to whether something is hot or not. The more people linking to a URL, the higher the probability that the material at a specific URL has merit. It's like a community Page Rank for content. I keep mine at

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