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Edits for action

KILKENNY -- We teach a web development course in Tipperary Institute and one of the main themes concerns making edits in a way that enhance user experiences. I've added two other reasons recently.

  1. Edit your web presence when you can monetise your page loads without any obvious overheads. I've done that to IrishEyes and if successful, the changes will increase revenue from Google AdSense without imposing a burden on visitors.
  2. Do not edit across the run of large sites when implementing minor changes. I have more than 2000 pages on and have discovered no low-cost web log system that efficiently republishes more than 1500 pages in one go. You have to be selective about asking a server-side content manager to revise thousands of pages in one shot. They're simply not up to that task, in my experience. This is an important point for those running popular .