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Decluttering with Aitken

CONTINUUM -- Jonathan Aitken, profiled in the February edition of Magill has written a book similar in style and format to the extremely popular Psalms for People Under Pressure. The book [ISBN 0826476392] includes 50 selected prayers each accompanied by a spiritual reflection and personal, autobiographical comment. The prayers fall neatly into categories.

Aitken had plenty of time to reflect, as he explained in his Magill interview.  He fell from power after a conviction for perjury and corruption. He has endured the pressure of disgrace.

Magill: Your legal travails have cost you million of pounds. How have you coped with your new, reduced circumstances?

Aitken: I was once the chairman of a London merchant bank. In prison I was a lavatory cleaner, earning £5.60 a week — with a bonus of £1 if I did a good job — which I learnt to budget down to the last 2p. My greatest luxuries were miniature pots of Marmite and packet soups from the canteen. But I can honestly say that having had both a luxury lifestyle and a frugal one. I am more content living frugally. I don't think possessions are important. I believe that travelling light is the happiest way for living. Despite all that has happened , I am personally and spiritually very happy. So life has not given me a bad deal."

The Guardian -- "He lied. He lied. He lied."
Jonathan Aitken -- Prayers for People Under Pressure ISBN 0826476392
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