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Yahoo 360 review

YAHOO -- Because it's a free and easy way to integrate content, we are using Yahoo 360◦ to complement the learning objectives of Media Writing, a first year course on the multimedia degree programme in Tipperary Institute. Students and members of the group are reporting that it takes no more than 10 minutes to set up a Yahoo! identity and then to acquire a simple URL for an easy-to-find blog. The important thing to realise is that most students don't see it as blogging; for them, Yahoo 360◦ is an online note-taker that doubles as a place to share revision notes. The second most important thing to realise that when dealing with a Border Manager that controls the inbound flow of email, you cannot offer more than a dozen invitations to people using the campus mail system. A high volume of invitations shows up as spam and gets blocked.

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Decluttering with Aitken

CONTINUUM -- Jonathan Aitken, profiled in the February edition of Magill has written a book similar in style and format to the extremely popular Psalms for People Under Pressure. The book [ISBN 0826476392] includes 50 selected prayers each accompanied by a spiritual reflection and personal, autobiographical comment. The prayers fall neatly into categories.

Aitken had plenty of time to reflect, as he explained in his Magill interview.  He fell from power after a conviction for perjury and corruption. He has endured the pressure of disgrace.

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Schoolworks one week later

CLONMEL -- We're clicking through web sites built by transition year students during a short course we ran on personalcasting. One thing that distinguished our programme from similar introductions to blogging--we did not (1) choreograph a link fest where we tried to elevate search engine placement of the students' blogs and (2) did not turn on the public notification of the aggregators which means our first efforts of publication did not inundate the summary pages of places like Daypop and Technorati.

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About Photoshop Elements

ADOBE -- The biggest feature in Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 is its ability to handle photos in camera raw format. This format preserves the camera image as a "negative" which mean it lets you open the images and edit them without any kind of loss in the image. Photoshop Elements has a Camera Raw dialog box that lets you save the settings for a specific camera or a specific lighting condition and reuse them when opening another camera raw file or a batch of camera raw files.

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Shedding gadgets

DERVALA -- Dervala Hanley is shedding gadgets faster than most people lose weight. Her backpack sees to eject baggage at regular intervals and reading about it makes one think things like, "Do I know where my phone is right now?" Dervala also needs some tips on transferring MiniDisc recordings to her iPod. We're going to answer that tasking by writing a few tutorials directly addressing that point.

Dervala Hanley -- "Owned by Apple in California"