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Full disclosure

OJR -- JD Lasica raises some interesting points about full disclosure in the context of blogging. If you are paid a company to write about a topic, should you disclose this fact to readers? What if you receive a product or a junket from the company--does that need to be disclosed to readers as well? Lasica explores these topics in a well-written essay for Online Journalism Review.

JD Lasica -- "The cost of ethics"

Common sense blogging

INDEPENDENT -- Tom Murphy offers sound advice to bloggers in a column carried inside the "Jobs & Careers" insert to the Irish Independent.

Murphy isn't going to put himself in the line of fire with the contents of his blog. "Where possible I avoid talking about my employers' business .... (A)t no point would I openly critique my employer. I just wouldn't do it."

Murphy himself has 300-400 readers a day. "They'd be a mix of marketing, PR people, journalists and analysts. It's a wide mix."

Elaine Larkin -- "On being a blogger" in the Irish Independent, 17 February 2005.
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More on Signer

CLONMEL -- Comments by Gerry Fogarty on the Media Writing course:

Signers Koffer is a provocative work as he uses unconventional and unusual methods in his endeavours. He arouses a significiant response whether in support or in opposition. He provokes interest while also instigating disapproval, most of the criticism leveled by the Media Writing class was that Jackass was better.

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