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Jack Shafer Gets Blogs

SLATE -- Jack Shafer mulls over recent pontifications emanating from A-List bloggers and offers a balanced perspective about old media, emergent personalcasting and the real numbers. It takes time and money to make a real impression. Most bloggers bemoan their lack of resources. They want ways to make money while blogging. They frequently chirp on about whether to carry advertising, which points back to a real issue--few besides run-of-site advertisers will actually pay to read a pontificating pundit without credentials. It might be fun to ride a wave of popular links pointing into your URL but that niche readership does not even get you into events and onto the radar scope of real world opinion leaders. This troubling conclusion must unnerve the most popular bloggers, giving rise to the occasional salvo against mainstream media. Shafer's piece is part of an extended conversation. Fair play to him because he links to those who yammer about his writing, effectively continuing a meme that would have died after a few days on Daypop.

Jack Shafer -- "The danger of hyping a good thing into the ground"
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