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The world as we know it is just a pawn in a large episodiac scape of mystery and intrigue. The average person such as ourselves venture through life unbeknownst to the fact that beneath the skin of governmental societies lies a web of deciet and a true indication of what really is going on in the universe. Its a known fact that governments are hiding an array of information from the public with the thought that we are not ready to know or that we can't understand. We have a right to know what lies beneath the surface.

Jack Shafer Gets Blogs

SLATE -- Jack Shafer mulls over recent pontifications emanating from A-List bloggers and offers a balanced perspective about old media, emergent personalcasting and the real numbers. It takes time and money to make a real impression. Most bloggers bemoan their lack of resources. They want ways to make money while blogging. They frequently chirp on about whether to carry advertising, which points back to a real issue--few besides run-of-site advertisers will actually pay to read a pontificating pundit without credentials. It might be fun to ride a wave of popular links pointing into your URL but that niche readership does not even get you into events and onto the radar scope of real world opinion leaders. This troubling conclusion must unnerve the most popular bloggers, giving rise to the occasional salvo against mainstream media. Shafer's piece is part of an extended conversation. Fair play to him because he links to those who yammer about his writing, effectively continuing a meme that would have died after a few days on Daypop.

Jack Shafer -- "The danger of hyping a good thing into the ground"
Daypop tracking the meme into the top 10 during a quiet weekend.
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Angry Kid

ANGRY KID -- Comments from Niall O'Brien about Angry Kid: Darren Walsh has managed to create a highly unique form of animation known as pixelation with his creation Angry Kid. His Angry Kid character has managed to cross national boudaries with a multi-lingual message, all while still remaining funny as hell! Check it out! Angry Kid


Breathing life into singles

LOOPDILOOP -- The iPod--and specifically the ability to shuffle singles inside the iPod--will force significant changes to the music business, writes Feargal McKay. "The way people listen to music is changing. Everyone’s shuffling their music collection on their iPod and are more and more getting in touch with the little-visited corners of their music collection. Having gone to all the bother of dusting off all those old CDs and transferring them to their computer, who can blame them? And now, rather than trading up each year from one new best thing to the next, consumers are spending more time with the old friends with whom they have slipped out of touch and spending less time listening to new music." McKay thinks "the back catalogue bounce is on, but this time, the music industry is unlikely to profit from it".

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