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US Networks Ban Private Ryan

D-day landingAP -- Several US affiliate television stations on the ABC network will not air "Saving Private Ryan" as part of their network's coverage of Veterans Day because they believe they will be sanctioned by the Federal Communications Commission. They draw their conclusions from the reaction Bono got when he said "Fuck" on live television. As anyone living in Ireland knows, you use the F-word to authenticate an experience. It's not as shocking as the C-word, which also attracts the ire of the FCC.

In a statement on the Web site of Atlanta's WSB-TV, the station's vice president and general manager, Greg Stone cited a March ruling in which the FCC said an expletive uttered by rock star Bono during NBC's live airing of the 2003 Golden Globe Awards was both indecent and profane.

The FCC has no place for airtime of the F-word — which is used to instill proper levels of authenticity in "Saving Private Ryan".

Leon Keith -- "TV Stations Cancel 'Saving Private Ryan'"