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Words about plagiarism

NEW YORKER -- "Words belong to the person who wrote them. There are few simpler ethical notions than this one, particularly as society directs more and more energy and resources toward the creation of intellectual property." The New Yorker makes this point in an article that examines how storylines to "CSI" and "Law and Order" come to the screen. Sometimes the ideas don't originate with the scriptwriters.

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RobodumpTRIGGUR -- In Tipperary Institute, we have Robocode, a competition to the end for electronic tanks that battle on screen. Inside one of the toilets, we might have Robodump, an MP3 loop filled with creative sounds normally heard and quickly repressed. It challenges even the most open-minded advocates of performance art. The demented Kevin Kelm stuck it into his men's room and reports that "the office was abuzz all morning with gossip about the guy in the bathroom. Several people theorized it was the CFO. The janitor commented to someone in the hallway that he wanted to clean the restroom but 'this guy's been in there all morning.'"

US Networks Ban Private Ryan

D-day landingAP -- Several US affiliate television stations on the ABC network will not air "Saving Private Ryan" as part of their network's coverage of Veterans Day because they believe they will be sanctioned by the Federal Communications Commission. They draw their conclusions from the reaction Bono got when he said "Fuck" on live television. As anyone living in Ireland knows, you use the F-word to authenticate an experience. It's not as shocking as the C-word, which also attracts the ire of the FCC.

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Sexiest McDonald Ad

Sexiest McDonaldsMcDONALDS -- Have a look at what could be the sexiest McDonald's advertisement ever. Clicking the image launches a 600kb Windows Media Video. The video, its backing track, hair effect, and yellow leather are sure to strike a lasting reaction with the lads who are cruising for a late-night takeaway option. Things have never looked better in McDonalds.


Media Trip 0446

Karlin's in-box

CLONMEL -- On the day Doc Searls Blog turns five years old, our Year Three multimedia students journey to Dublin to see some artefacts of communication along with meeting some of the key people in Irish new media cultue. We will blog about the day after the events are done and dusted, even though I could ask students to moblog the high points. We won't because we're filming and touring galleries and I think the phoneblog gets in the way of important analogue events.

  • We plan to stop at the Straffan Steam Museum to see a snippet of cable used to connect Europe to North America, steam engines that powered Ireland through the Industrial Revolution and a cross-section of rail cars that existed on Irish Rail long before the Luas trams.
  • Karlin Lillington, the technoculture journalist and blogger, talks about "Working to publicise Irish Technology" during a session in the round at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios.
  • Students will explore two exhibitions in the Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, then participate in a media critique session while returning home to Clonmel. In "As if in a dream, as dreamt by another", Robert Jacques has produced several vertical floors of textile hangings derived from photos of immigrants to Ireland. Vaari Claffey has assembled 23 works in "No one else can make me feel the colours that you bring". They are as diverse as the media used to produce them. 

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