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Irish as a meme

Daniel Carroll writes:
Irish, as a language and culture, is a meme of great interest to me and I'm sure it holds a much wider interest both at home and abroad. I myself cannot speak the language, yet, but am learning it bit by bit. I consider it to be a beautifully articiculated means of communication.

Its roots are from deep within the ancient celtic tribes that once inhabited almost all of mainland europe around 3000 years ago. Various strains of the celtic language sprung up through the years. Six if I'm mistaken. Three forms of Gaelic languages evolved from these and they are, Irish, Scottish and Manx. The word 'Gaelic' was coined by the Welsh and in turn the Irish called it Gealige.

Here are a list of related sites that offer a detailed, descriptive and informative insight into this great cultural treasure we call Irish:


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