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Why digital cameras are better

Check out these 10 pages to find out why Digital is the way of today.

1. Answerbag explains the advantages and disadvantages of digital still cameras.

2. gives a positive, descriptive look at digital photography.

3. from Canon Corporation looks at the advtages of digital camerasfor underwater photography.

4. explains why digital cameras are better than the old film models.

5. National Gepgraphic Traveler Heather Morgan Shott explains why digital cameras "shine".

6. Jeremy McCreary explains what you need for digital photography if you are a landscape photographer.

7. This web page links to reviews of digital cameras by consumers.

8.>: D'Lynn Waldron writes about the advantages and also the disadvantages of Digital Still Cameras.

9. Rob Galbraith compares digital photography with film, and offers advantages on either side.

10. Casey Allen offers four basic advantages of Digital cameras.