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Visible Visions

CALLAN -- The experience of the Kilkenny Collective of Art Talent¹ offers important lessons for everyone involved in fostering creativity. The work in the KCAT studio involves mentors observing the creative process in real time. From their professional experience and consultation,² the staff knows the kinds of supports required to support this creativity, how to nurture it and confront it. During the past five years, KCAT has provided the context needed to bring art to a high level of fulfilment. Some of the best examples of this process appear in Visible Visions, a handsome 143-page glossy book.

The exhibition-quality by-product of the KCAT curriculum is scattered through the Visible Visions book. Third year students on the KCAT programme have the option to enter FETAC assessments because KCAT is registered as a FETAC Level 2 Centre.

A full Art Certificate with KCAT includes eight modules: drawing, painting, sculpture, combined materials, printmaking, photography, communications, and work experience. I visited the programme and left with a warm impression due to the focus on personal and artisitic development. Visible Visions documents this over-reaching ethos by showing the creative work from a cross-section of students.

¹KCAT Art & Study Centre, Mill Lane, Callan, Co Kilkenny, Ireland +353 56 7755115
²Contacts with other projects included Cooperations (Wiltz, Luxembourg), Créahm (Liège, Belgium), Créhm Provence (France), Galerie Atelier Herenplaats (Rotterdam, Holland), Inuiti (Stockholm, Sweden), La Hesse (Vielsalm, Belgium) and Project Ability (Glasgow, Scotland).
Visible Visions ISBN 0954855906 is available for EUR 15 directly from the editor of Irish Typepad.