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UT Student Portal Rocks

UT Students

UT -- One of the best student portals I have seen this term comes from the University of Toronto. From the MP3 jukebox to the various kinds of photo galleries, this mixed media site has to attract the dorm rats. It holds my attention because it offers so many ways to enjoy campus life.

From the site:

UTStudents is a collaborative work space brought to life on the web, and fueled by the ingenuity and imagination of a few undergraduate students at U of T with the aims of increasing communication amongst and between campuses and a greater sense of community.

There are five main spheres to the site, the forum, newsreader, gallery, calendar, and blog, each providing the channel for our members to express their opinions on a variety of topics, gain feed back and connect with the student community at large.

On line highlights many off line initiatives by students, clubs and the administration, we provide forums for discussions and establish tools such as the gallery and blog for our members to exhibit their skills and allow others to comment or benefit from their ideas and or experiences. For instance the blog will be populated by articles, questions and comments about the all related topics to schooling at U of T.

The site does a lot more than serve up mixed media. It's informative but also offers several different ways to navigate the deep content. Lots of design patterns and highly functional internet technology. Recommended.

UT Students Group: check it out.